The PUDU Stick


 Too often, you get to the toilet and the business   just doesn't want to happen.


The PUDU Stick helps solve that problem! 

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The PUDU Stick


 The PUDU Stick is a simple device to add some extra "squeeze" to help get the business done.

Just put your feet on the base and pull up on the handle.

As you engage your inner 6-pack (and other core muscles), your lower abdomen gets compressed so your pelvic floor & small muscles have an easier time pushing things along.



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The PUDU Stick


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A picture is a 1000 words, isn't it?

Tightening your core muscles helps get the business done... 

Wow, such a great idea - and nobody's ever thought of this!!!!

Next... apply for the patent!

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The PUDU Stick


From the US Patent Application

October 2020


Persons suffering from constipation or finding it more difficult than desired to complete a bowel movement have only limited options for assistance. The primary means for assistance in making successful bowel movements can be grouped into the following areas: changes in diet, medications to be ingested, solutions to be injected, and mechanical devices.


The present application provides a new mechanism for assistance with the completion of a successful bowel movement: a pulling device to enable the engagement of other muscles in the body to assist the work to be done by the small muscles in the lower pelvic floor. The design disclosed herein provides the ability for the user to exert an upwards force on a stationary object such that key muscles in the body are contracted, exerting a downward pressure inside the body, and thereby enabling the small lower pelvic muscles to work more effectively in expelling the bowel movement from the body.


The PUDU Stick is a simple device to allow the exertion of an upward pulling force by the user when seated on a toilet for completion of a bowel movement. The exertion of an upward force on a stationary object allows the engagement of other muscles in the upper body to compress body internals in assistance of the work to be done by the rectum and pelvic floor muscles in the expulsion of the bowel movement. The disclosed bowel assistance pulling device (the PUDU Stick) provides the user with a means to exert the desired upward pulling forces using their arms, while holding the device firmly on the ground with their feet. In this way, the bowel assistance pulling device facilitates and easier and faster expulsion of the desired bowel movement.


There are multiple ways to treat constipation or bowel stoppage. Until now, it's been diet, laxatives, exercise or even suppositories (yech!).  The PUDU Stick changes how constipation or difficult bowel movements can be made simple - in a neat and tidy way (yeay!)

The PUDU Stick. You need it. You want it.

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