Assembly Instructions

4 Bolts not Fitting? Then click here

Black Post Instruction Video
Chrome Post Instruction Video
Written Instructions

1.  Insert a bolt up from the bottom through each of the 4 holes in the base

2.  Fit the post on to the 4 bolts – this may require a little jiggling of the post to fit

3.  Loosely attach one of the nuts to each of the 4 bolts; make hand tight

4.  Hold the nut with pliers or wrench and tighten the bolt with a screwdriver – repeat for all 4 bolt/nut combinations, making sure each one is nice and tight

5.  [Optional: Black Post only] Click a black cover onto each of the 4 nuts

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What if the 4 bolts are not fitting?

Sometimes, even the best precision engineering gets messed up by bolts that don't want to cooperate and go into the 4 holes of the post as they should.

That problem may seem impossible, but it's actualy really easy to solve....

Just take it one bolt at a time and follow the instructions below to put together your PUDU Stick:


1. Insert the first bolt through the bottom of the base so that it pokes up through the hole at the bottom of the post


3. Repeat for the 2nd bolt. Poke it up through the bottom of the base and loosely attach a nut to the top of it.


5. Using a screwdriver, start turning clockwise to that the bolt starts to find its way into the hole in the post.


7. Once the bolt is turned all the way into the post hole, it will look like this...


9. Push bolt #4 into the last hole as far at it will go.


11. With the bolt turned all the way in, it will look like this...


13. Using a pair of pliers, wrench of socket, hold the nut and screw in each of the bolts nice & tight, one by one


2. Holding the bolt in place, loosely fasten the nut onto the bolt coming up through the hole in the post.


4. Now put the 3rd bolt into the hole at the bottom of the base. It might not want to go all the way in ... hold it there and go to step 5. 


6. Turn the bolt al the way into the post hole as far as it will go.


8. Now loosely fasten a nut onto the 3rd bolt.


10. With the screwdriver, turn bolt #4 clockwise so that it grabs onto the hole in the post and starts moving in.


12. Loosely fasten a nut onto bolt #4.


14. Once all 4 bolts are tight, snap on a black cover onto each nut.

      [for customers with black post only]